Video / Telepresence


elepresence is a collaboration tool that helps create a more ‘in person’ meeting experience over a converged network. Telepresence differs from videoconferencing as it offers face-to-face interactions between people in the meeting through the transmission of life-size, high-definition images and audio.

Cisco TelePresence uses the power of a global IP network and unified communications to enable collaboration between users like never before. Cisco’s innovative video and audio technology make it possible for users to communicate as naturally as they would in person. Every expression, gesture, and nuance is clearly visible; across town or across time zones.

Scale Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Business with a Flexible Architecture.

Cisco’s unique network-based approach takes full advantage of Cisco’s high quality IP network and unified communications expertise. The network delivers a TelePresence experience that is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. It’s an approach that sets the stage for TelePresence to become an everyday business tool because:

  • Scheduling is easy. You can schedule a Cisco TelePresence meeting with the enterprise groupware tools you use every day.
  • No IT support required. No one has to come in early before a meeting to make sure it works. No one has to wait ten minutes to set it up. No one from IT has to remain there for the entire meeting.
  • Launching a meeting is as simple as making a phone call. From the touch-screen of the meeting room’s IP phone, users simply push a button to launch a call.
  • People look lifelike and life-size. Cisco engineered its plasma monitors specifically so that remote participants are truly life-size. High-definition 1080p video delivers full motion video for a true in-person experience.
  • Controls are intuitive. Because the interface is the phone, participants can take full advantage of unified communications capabilities such as hold, mute and conference during a TelePresence meeting.
  • Peripherals are plug and play. The Auto Collaborate feature enables users to share information (files, documents, objects) with all locations simply by plugging in a laptop computer or document camera.
  • Integrate legacy video systems. Cisco TelePresence was built on standards to support interoperability with traditional and emerging video technologies. You can use it with your existing installed systems today and know that it will also work with other high definition endpoints in the future.