Program Management


ederal Government, State Governments, and Enterprises are constantly looking for cost effective and efficient means for managing day-to-day operations for their mission critical IT and telecom infrastructure. The majority of these agencies depend on contractor outsourcing to achieve these goals since managing IT and telecom infrastructures is not their core competency but a requirement that is critical to the performance of their mission.

It is a challenging task to choose a responsive, reliable, and cost-conscious outsourcing contractor who can efficiently provide management, operations and maintenance (O&M) support and carry out other operational responsibilities. Critical to such efforts is a contractor’s ability to seamlessly assume the responsibilities, maintain the needed availability standards, and be responsive to end-users through stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our teams work with government and commercial customers alike in providing the very best service levels. Quantum Technology Group has a daily goal of providing the most professional, technical, and administrative talent needed to get the job done right the first time while reducing costs, and increase the flexibility and responsiveness.

QTG understands the elements necessary to attract and retain a qualified pool of human talent who are committed to our customers’ business needs. Our team comprise of qualified and knowledgeable employees who are dedicated to serving organizations at the highest level of excellence. Through its ever-increasing knowledge working with a large database of current and previous clients, the QTG team is highly skilled and effective in determining businesses needs and creating the right solutions to best assist clients in developing the appropriate programs to address those needs.

Regardless if it’s for a short or a long term assignment, QTG will always provide its customers with a stable workforce here at home or in austere environments around the globe. We understand the MISSION, apply the appropriate REACTION and dedicate ourselves to producing the RESULTS, on time and on budget.

QTG specializes in:
  • Professional services
  • Technical services
  • IT staff augmentation and operational support