Information Technology


uantum Technology Group offers architecture and design services that address all networking infrastructure needs: from requirements definition to creating a cost-effective solution. We specialize in both Network Management and Implementation. This include: systems engineering, installation, testing, systems administration, maintenance, training, help desk and desktop support, hardware/software purchases, integration of servers and system software, configuration management, and technical documentation and integration/testing of network backbone elements such as gateways, routers, switches, hubs, and bridges.

 Network Integration:
  • Onsite maintenance Agreements
  • Local Area Network / Wide Area Network
    • Cloud technology
    • Server Virtualization
  • Servers and Operating Systems
  • Remote Access solutions
  • Network Hardware
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Network Support Services
  • Network Baseline Assessment
  • IT Security
  • Enterprise Management
    • Information Assurance

Whether a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network, you can trust Quantum Technology Group’s Design-Build methodology will synthesize all of your needs into one sophisticated network.

Quantum Technology Group offers extensive design, implementation, and support for servers and system solutions that operate in Microsoft computing environments. Our Network Services team is composed of experienced, certified engineers providing cutting-edge networking solutions for your organization.

In a world where telecommunicators, road warriors, and business travelers are fast becoming standard employee practices, Quantum Technology Group offers reliable and secure Remote Access Solutions which keep everyone in touch with critical information every step of the way.