Cisco Wireless


Secure and reliable wireless connections are critical to support the mobile users in your organization. It has become common for employees to connect to the corporate wireless network through multiple mobile devices, which significantly increase the total number of connected devices at all times. QTG can help your company devise a plan that revolves around the constant monitoring, security, and reliability of your wireless network.

To monitor and secure a wireless network effectively, you must:

  • Understand in real-time the quality of the available wireless connection anywhere in your network
  • Identify devices within your network that could interfere with the quality of the wireless connection
  • Isolate and proactively avoid any source of interference
  • Identify devices enabling an unsecured opening in your network, whether they are accidentally or maliciously doing so
  • Continuously scan for network attacks and proactively contain and mitigate these attacks
  • Identify the location of devices within the network, including client devices and sources of interference or threats to the network

The traditional approach to monitoring and securing the network is to deploy a dedicated overlay of wireless access points interspersed with the access points that your corporate users use daily. The function of these dedicated access points – often referred to as “monitor mode access points” – is to listen to all channels on the 2.4- and 5-GHz bands. Depending on the vendor’s solution, the information gleaned from listening is used to analyze the state of wireless connectivity (typically signal strength), as well as to identify potential security threats.

This dedicated overlay comes with obvious costs:

  • Cost for the additional access points
  • Cost for additional Ethernet cabling infrastructure
  • Ethernet port at the upstream access layer switching device
  • Operational costs of managing additional access points

The Cisco Aironet® Access Point Module for Wireless Security and Spectrum Intelligence (WSSI) for the Aironet 3600 Series Access Point introduces a new way for customers to design and deploy their wireless networks. By tightly coupling data connectivity, spectrum analysis, and security threat detection and mitigation into a single, multipurpose access point, this new Cisco® solution eliminates the need for two separately deployed networks.

The 3600 Series Access Point eliminates three out of four cost elements associated with a dedicated overlay while dramatically reducing additional costs. Together, the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series and the Cisco WSSI module dramatically simplify how customers can deploy, monitor, and secure their enterprise-class wireless network. This solution shifts the focus from questions such as how many extra access points are required, the role they will serve, and where to deploy them to how best to serve the business needs of corporate users through a high-quality and secure connection.

Contact us to learn more about how Quantum Technology Group can help you future-proof your wireless network deployments and maximize your return on investment with the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series and the Cisco WSSI module.