Understanding our customer’s mission, requirements, priorities and goals.


Responding to our customers’ needs with industry knowledge, best in class products and solutions and dedicated personnel.


Providing a totally reliable and superior mission-critical solution that maximizes the competitive advantage of network-based systems, delivered on-time and on budget.

QTG focuses on complete customer satisfaction by maintaining three basic concepts:

  • Provide real value added services for the customer versus the competition.
  • Provide best in class products and services through strategic vendor relationships.
  • Create a staff of knowledgeable, well trained, hard-working employees who genuinely care about our customer
  • Create a staff of knowledgeable, well trained, hard-working employees who genuinely care about our customer

Our Guiding Principles


Nothing ensures success more than a positive attitude. We are in control of our attitude and therefore our success.


Work is honorable and valuable. We apply our total effort to our work. We vigorously and intensely pursue the goals of the company.


Always striving for excellence and never settling for less, we commit to constantly bettering our performance.


Continuous, open, candid communication up, down, and across the company builds the trust and commitment of all employees.


We accept personal responsibility for the company’s equipment, assets, and appearance assigned to our care.


We possess sound character, letting honesty and fairness guide us.


Our Values


We strive for total customer satisfaction. Customers are the focus of everything we do. Going out of our way to satisfy the customer is a way of life at Quantum Technology Group.


We treat our fellow employees with the respect and dignity in which we expect to be treated. We recognize the power of teamwork where each person can contribute in an important way to the success of Quantum Technology Group.


Profit is the ultimate measure of our ability to provide future opportunities. We are committed to operate a profitable company in order for Quantum Technology Group to survive and grow.