Enterprise IT Services

With our extensive government, defense, and civilian experience, we design and operate all types of high-quality IT infrastructures and service models that will deliver your target outcomes. Nothing is too complex for QTG to handle. We deliver solutions that empower both people and enterprises and also modernize IT environments for optimal operations through analytics, automation, and continuous improvement.


QTG offers network infrastructure design, implementation, and management services that enable customer’s connectivity, communication, operations and management of their enterprise network.
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With our proven expertise in cloud computing, we offer solutions that monitor and ensure the security required to implement a private cloud. We work with clients to migrate data and workload to selected cloud platforms with a fast, reliable, and flexible process.
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QTG leverages the power of VoIP, AV, VTC and other collaboration tools to work together effectively through improved communication and access to knowledge.  Our tools allow the adaptability needed to accommodate your organization.

IT Service Management

We effectively manage your IT services throughout the entire service lifecycle. Our ITSM approach allows you to focus on your business without worrying about underlying technology or IT infrastructure.
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QTG recognizes each organization is unique and requires a customized approach. We help our clients achieve Cyber resiliency by shifting the mindset from a reactive to a proactive approach.
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Proactive IT Solutions

All institutions aim to achieve outstanding results by balancing a productive workforce and IT infrastructures to enrich user experience. The challenge is, technology changes so rapidly in this age that keeping up the pace can be overwhelming. 

Given the role cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning are meant to play, the next generation of enterprise IT infrastructure is on its way. And while it’s a little early to predict the form these new systems will take, it’s only imperative that we help our customers take concrete steps to put them in a favorable position.

Get prepared. Enterprise solutions use the interchange of information from various process areas and related databases to integrate multiple facets of the organization. These integrations can be obsolete at any given time, and they tend to be a barrier to the systems they are meant to support. But by integrating your data systems through our IT solutions, we make sure you have a modernized service operation that meets the demands of next-gen IT.

Speed, Efficiency, and Flexibility. Our integration adopts fast, efficient, and scalable processes. It will enable you to make smarter decisions through analytics-backed insights.

Service First

QTG offers a Managed Services solution that provides our customers with technologies that improve productivity, maximize the effective use of tax-payer dollars, and enhance customers’ experience.

  • ServiceNow Implementation Services
  • SolarWinds Managed Service 
  • Enterprise Network Support Services
  • Enterprise Systems Support Services
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Support Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Support Services
  • Enterprise Data Support Services

With our team of industry experts, we can position our clients as true enterprise service providers and assurance partners while allowing them to offer a CIO-as-a-Service solution.

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