Cloud Infrastructure

Value Management: Value perception changes.

Asset Management: Optimize asset lifecycle.

Risk Management: Identify potential risk scenarios.

Trends Analysis: What is the impact.

Human Capital Management: Skills, competencies, retention, culture.

Cloud Security and Governance

QTG uses appropriate security standards and governance frameworks to optimize your state of governance for improved performance, nominal security risks, and effective management of cloud security programs.

Cost Optimization

We help enterprises reduce overall cloud costs by identifying idle, unused, or mismanaged resources to optimize their workload. Our cloud cost optimization will eliminate waste and save you money on cloud bills.

Migration Planning and Execution

Our cloud migration plans involve processes designed to make migrating data from the source to the target system streamlined.

Workload and Data Management

Whether our clients are reworking their data architectures or just generally shaping their cloud data strategy, we will handle data requirements across any environment and workloads for private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Capacity Planning

Our goal is to provide additional capacity that meets and fulfills future demands on a system. We measure system performance and determine if systems work properly and how to add more resources.

Multi-cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Our team of certified cloud Consultants and Solution experts work together with clients to understand their business requirements and challenges and provide the proper Hybrid and Multi-Cloud management solutions.

Cloud Transformation at Maximum Level

Being stuck mid-transformation can be awful. You can’t move forward or go back, which affects your optimization level. We will provide you with expert cloud infrastructure solutions for workload challenges, skills shortages, security concerns, whatever the case may be.

Our team of industry experts across all public and private cloud platforms assist clients in realizing the benefits of cloud offerings.

How We Get Things Done

QTG creates systems suited to the best cloud service offer per the client’s specific requirements. We leverage the FedRAMP certification level of the cloud service and how they meet your requirements.

Service solution
Our Cloud Environment Advisory and Managed Services bring the level of expertise necessary to develop a strategic plan to optimize cloud expenditures while creating effective cloud infrastructure.

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